Your family’s story begins here.

The Beloved Book is a simple-to-build autobiography of your love story to share with your children and theirs.

The Beloved Book is all you need to chronicle your special day for years to come…

Your book includes:

  • Wedding Guest Book
  • Shower Guest Book
  • Rehearsal Dinner Guest Book
  • Photo Album
  • Removable Pages

Design a Book that Matches your Wedding Colors and Style…

  • Finest Silks and Linens
  • Richly Colored Embroidery Threads
  • Personalized
  • Handmade in Alabama

Capture your Wedding from Shower to Reception…

  • Take your guest book from an afterthought to a personalized heirloom that you will cherish for years to come. A Beloved Book is your wedding guest book and your engagement journal.
  • Capture the excitement of your friends and family at your celebrations before the big day. You won’t miss any details, we’ve thought of all that for you.
  • Place your pictures alongside the shower invitation and the guest signatures to bring them to life. The Beloved Book will capture it all.
  • Removable pages give you the flexibility to accommodate exactly what you need (number of showers, number of wedding guests), rather than having a book full of unused pages.

Proudly Display your Book in your Home to Share with Family and Friends

  • Your bespoke book is made with high-quality silk or linen as well as Alençon lace, from the same lace makers as couture wedding gown designers.
  • Our couture thread color palette will be an elegant continuation of your wedding style.
  • Embroidering a monogram is as timeless as your love. Personalized wedding keepsakes are displayed proudly in your home, rather than the plan ones tucked away in a drawer. Take your guest book from an afterthought to an heirloom that you will cherish for years to come.
  • Made with the same love and care in Alabama as the lace and beading on your dress.

Elegantly Archive Printed Goods and Gifts…

  • Place for Save the Dates, Shower and Wedding Invitations and your Wedding Program
  • Gift Record for Easy Thank You Note Writing
  • Clean Design and Typography
  • Acid-Free #80 Card Stock

We’ve Thought of Everything for You…

  • Non-Cheesy Quotes
  • Chronicles Entire Engagement
  • Place for Cards of Congratulations
  • Tells your Love Story

A Classic Keepsake that Protects your Wedding Memories and Keeps you Organized

  • You spent so much time designing your save the date, wedding invitation, and program, don’t let them languish in a shoebox in your closet. Mount them to the heavyweight pages so they have a forever home just like your wedding photos.
  • The Beloved Book keeps your gift record organized to make thank you note writing a breeze.
  • Clean and classic page design that allows your guest signatures and printed wedding goods to shine.
  • Your memories are protected on our durable acid-free card stock.

Made To Last A Lifetime…

  • Beautiful quotes that enhance your love story, not make you roll your eyes.
  • From proposal to showers and rehearsal dinner to the wedding, the Beloved Book creates an autobiography of your love story.
  • You’ll receive cards and gifts of congratulations, we’ve thought of that too. Don’t throw the cards in a shoebox, the Love Notes pages keep them for you to remember all the good wishes.
  • The Beloved Book is the beginning of your family’s story. Document your wedding and love story with intention, create a legacy from day one.

About Melissa Abele

Raised in Alabama, a love of Southern weddings began at a young age. Weddings in the South are major social events where traditions and attention to details matter. As a little girl, the visual delights felt magical and important, which spoke right to my passion for beautiful aesthetics.

Upon completing my degree in fashion, I spent the next several years in Atlanta and New York working with designers, preservationists and the finest silks, embroidery, laces and beading in the bridal gown industry. Called back home to Birmingham, Alabama, I purchased Weddings Etc, a fine stationery and gift store in bustling downtown Homewood. After 10 fulfilling years and becoming a mama to 3 beautiful babies, I closed the brick and mortar store to move online under the new name Charming Scribe.

Along this journey, I developed a keen eye for quality details in fabrics, ribbons, lace, paper, printing, and finishings; all of which have culminated in the creation of Charming Scribe’s heirloom products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a guest book, why do I need a Beloved Book?

The Beloved Book is more than just a wedding guest book. It’s a keepsake that holds your engagement photos, save-the-date, wedding invitation, and program, as well as serves as your shower guest book. It tells the story of your engagement, not just who signed in.

How long does it take to make a Beloved Book?

The standard production time is 4-5 weeks.

I have a shower coming up in 3 weeks, is it too late to get a book in hand?

We can pre-ship the pages ahead of the book so you won’t miss any signatures at your next party. We also offer 2-3 week rush production for $50 with pre-approval.

This looks like a big project, I’m not sure it’s for me.

We’ve designed the books to be minimal in what’s required to put them together. There are only a few pages to fill out and when you take it to your shower, The Beloved Book fills itself out as the guests sign in. In addition to your printed wedding goods, all you need is double stick tape and a nice pen.

Why are these books so expensive?

Heirlooms are worth investing in. Our high quality books are handmade with the finest fabrics, embroidery threads, and acid-free card stock to stand the test of time. Also, the experience of sharing the beginning of your life together with your children and grandchildren is truly priceless.

I was planning to just get a photo album for my shower pictures, isn’t that enough?

Photos don’t tell the whole story. The Beloved Book has a place to hold your shower invitations as well as your guest signatures. In fifteen years, you can look back at your shower photos and remember all of the names of those who were there.

Is it really worth it?

Yes, The Beloved Book is a custom-designed heirloom that replaces the cost of many other books. Purchasing a shower guest book, a scrapbook, a photo album, and a wedding guest book would be very costly; not to mention, adding costs in for customization on each individual book.

What will I do with it after the wedding?

Display it proudly on a bookshelf or in your bedroom. We recommend our brides create a tradition of bringing out and reviewing your Beloved Book each anniversary to relive the fun and excitement of your engagement. You’ll be transported back to all the love you felt having your friends and family celebrate you.

I have a custom wedding monogram, can you embroider it on the cover?

Yes! We love custom monograms. Email the monogram over to and we will have the file converted to embroidery language for a sewing machine. The cost is $40 and we will send you the file for use on future embroidery projects.

I don’t have a wedding monogram.

That’s easy! You can choose one of the 15 monograms in our collection. See the monogram gallery in each of the product pages.

I don’t care for monograms.

No problem. We can create a more simple book and leave off the monogram.

What if I’m not having as many showers as what’s in the book?

Because our pages are removable, you can simply take out the pages you don’t need or don’t intend to use.

I’m having a simple wedding, I don’t need all of this.

Since the pages are removable, you’re free to take out what you need and use only what you do. Also, since we offer blank pages you can fill up the book with photographs to tell your love story.

Scrapbooks are too much work and intimidate me.

The only thing you need to complete this book is a pen and double-stick tape and the guests do the rest when they sign in. We’ve kept it simple because we agree that you don’t need more projects as a bride.

I’m inviting more guests than the Beloved Book has space, can I buy more pages?

Absolutely. We offer additional wedding guest pages. Remember, most people sign in as a couple on one line, reducing the actual number of lines you’ll need.

I’ve already had my first shower and missed those signatures, should I still get a Beloved Book?

Yes and not to worry, simply go back and neatly write the names of the guests on the pages. When you look back in your book 10 years from now, you won’t mind that they weren’t the original guest signatures and instead you’ll reflect on all those that were there to celebrate you.

I don’t like my handwriting.

But your children will love reading your family history in *your* handwriting because it is special to them.

Do you sell extra pages?

Yes, we sell extra Celebration, Wedding Guest, and Gift pages.

What are your fabric options and thread colors?
What is your return policy?

Personalized/monogrammed items are not eligible for return. If an error is made on our behalf, contact us within 14 days and your item will be remade at no charge.